Mission statement

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Our Mission
  • Campaign in favour of human rights for the intersexed.
  • Encourage an exchange of ideas and different perspectives about intersex from various groups and geographical regions.
  • Provide information concerning actual life experiences of people with intersex conditions to medical personnel working with infants with atypical genitalia, to psychological experts, sexologists, sociologists and specialists in feminism.
  • To assist families and friends of intersexed individuals to understand intersexuality and to cope with the specific problems related to the role as a support person.

One Response to “Mission statement”

  1. Barry

    Hi Michelle pet, TThe same thing thats happening in Australia about intersexed kids being genetically altered to suit society and probably damaging them is going on in Scotland I found out. I contacted my msp John Mason who wrote to the head of nhs Scotland for his reply and he forwarded a copy onto me outlining tere reasons for continuing to this to children in rare cases in Scotland. If you want pet I could send a copy of it too you to let you know that Australias intersexed kids are not the only ones going under the knife. I am intersex having 47xxy which means I was born male, but am 80 per cent female in having breats with nipples elongated bones no adams apple almost hairless body born pear shaped and my main hormone that runs through me is 80 per cent estrogen, but I get a jag in my dartboard every 3 months to make up for what I should have in Testosterone., My doctor wants me to through gynomastia but I said yes initially then no because I like my tits, would’nt be the same without them. All the best pet. Barry outtabox20022002@yahoo.co.uk