Official position on a third sex

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On a Third Sex

The creation of a new category to be designated intersex poses several problems. First of all, how do we define intersexuality? OII believes that there will be never a clear definition and at the same time, that it is not necessary to have a legal definition for intersex. We have no clear definitions for what a woman is or a man is. We only assume this to be the case.

The purpose of OII is to work in favour of human rights for the intersexed by helping people to understand that there are not just two pre-existing sexes. There is an infinite combination of possibilities on the spectrum of sex and gender.

The creation of a specific category for the intersexed risks even more marginalisation of a group which is poorly understood. We base our legal arguments on the right of every person to determine her/his own identity in the binary system in the hope that eventually there would be no attempt to impose legal sex categories on anyone.

2 Responses to “Official position on a third sex”

  1. Barry

    Hi pet, I’m against doctors operating on kids just because they were born different and wrote my msp about it John Mason and he got a reply back from our nhs because the same practice goes on here in Scotland for many years and if you like I’ll send via email a copy of the letter I got from John written by te chief of the nhs in Glasgow as I thik you would find it interesting. All the best Barry

    • Mish O'Brien

      That would be great of you could, Barry. I will send you my e-mail address. Thanks