OII Australia: Morgan Carpenter on the Australian Senate Committee Report on normalizing surgery

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Morgan Carpenter’s opinion piece, “We Must Put An End to Normalizing Surgery,” explores positive developments in Australia:

The clitoris is the only part of any human body that’s purely designed for pleasure. But is too much of a good thing a bad thing?

Research on what constitutes “normal” genitalia, for both men and women, is somewhat scarce – but labia reductions are becoming more common, and so a Dutch study in 2009 examined what doctors believe a normal labia looks like. It found that plastic surgeons were more likely to find larger labia minora “distasteful and unnatural, compared with general practitioners and gynaecologists”. It also found that male doctors in each of those specialties were more inclined than women doctors to recommend surgery.

The ABC is Australia’s national broadcaster.

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ABC The Drum article by Morgan Carpenter, 15 November 2013

One Response to “OII Australia: Morgan Carpenter on the Australian Senate Committee Report on normalizing surgery”

  1. Barry

    Hi I am in complete agreement with you and I hope this barbarism against chilldren and others stops, as how would the perpretrators of these practices like to be taken away into hospital and if they were going to give birth to a child with intersex condition be told we are going to sterilise your child at birth because its not normal, I bet they would fight for tere unborn childs life. The whole point is that we are all normal no matter hat conditions we have as there is no such person in my view who is a perfect human with no physical or mental conditions. I hope Australia sees sense and repeals this barbarous act against the innocent and so prevent crimes against humanity as it states in the un charter All the best Barry Glasgow Scotland