Your Beautiful Child: Information for Parents

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Your Beautiful Child: Information for Parents

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Happy FamilyI am thrilled to announce OII-USA’s new, free resource for parents of children with intersex variations. As Chairperson of OII, and Founder and Executive Director of OII-USA,  I have often been asked if we have a pamphlet that provides parents with information in a balanced, educational, non-alarming, non-stigmatizing manner — and now we do. This resource, available in one-page and trifold brochure versions, addresses common questions and concerns regarding variations in sex characteristics, or intersex variations. In addition, it provides tips on how to communicate with friends and family, and links to resources and pertinent medical studies, to help you welcome your newborn and make decisions that promote the health and well being of your child and the entire family.

2 Responses to “Your Beautiful Child: Information for Parents”

  1. B. Peter Brandt-Sorheim

    I love my friends for the persons they are. A dear friend was not allowed to grow up as an accepted self. Interventions created far more problems than were resolved, sadly the wrong way. So much suffering could have been avoided.

    • hida

      Thanks for your supportive stance and words Peter! Please feel free to share our doc for parents widely, so others can avoid the suffering.