New San Francisco Bay Area intersex digital magazine is calling for submissions

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A collective of intersex, genderqueer and trans people of colour – POC – in the Oakland and Berkeley area of northern California is calling for submissions from intersex people for a new digital ‘zine named sex: unknown. The submissions deadline is April 1, 2012.

Jai Arun Ravine: sex: unknown / a digital zine by and for intersex folks / call for submissions! - click to read this article.

As intersex people, we often feel alienated from queer and trans communities, our identities invisibilized within the discourse of “LGBT.” Because our experiences are portrayed as highly medicalized conditions in most forms of popular media, we want to give voice to our personal experiences and create a more complete picture of our emotional and social lives as intersex folks….

We invite self-identified intersex folks to send us stories, poems, narratives and visual art pieces on the feelings, experiences and struggles of living in our sexes/genders. What does intersex mean to you? How does being intersex affect your relationships with family, friends and partners? What is your experience to coming out? How do you connect to your sex and/or gender? …