Intersex Awareness Day 2014 – post by OII Australia

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Yellow orchidOctober 26 is Intersex Awareness Day.

Morgan Carpenter of OII Australia wrote this article in the Star Observer newspaper:

People with intersex variations are born with atypical physical sex characteristics. Intersex people face a range of health and human rights issues, and deep-seated stigma, caught between two contrasting visions of who and how we should be. On the one hand, this includes medical interventions in infancy and childhood that are explicitly intended to make intersex bodies conform to social norms for a specific sex or gender. On the other hand, people with intersex variations increasingly face misgendering, including through social expectations to identify as a third gender or sex, to challenge or transgress gender norms. Neither approach lets us truly make our own choices.

Read the full aticle at the Star Observer.

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