Intersexion wins awards at first big screen showing

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The full documentary version of Intersexion has won two awards at its first showing on the big screen.

Intersexion won ‘Best NZ Documentary’ and ‘Best Editing’ at the Documentary Edge festival currently taking place in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand.

The people behind the movie, Grant Lahood, Mani Mitchell and John Keir, have told interviewees:

The reaction to the film at our first two screenings has been tremendous with audiences staying behind afterwards to ask lots of questions and it’s been clear from the comments we’ve been getting just what a powerful effect the film is having on people.

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About the movie:

Every new parent asks: “Is it a boy or a girl?” But what happens when doctors cannot answer that question? One baby in 2,000 is born with genitalia so ambiguous that it is impossible to tell if the child is male or female. That startling but little known statistic means the number of intersex babies equals two rugby teams every year. Their birth certificates – instead of showing “male” or “female” — are sometimes marked “I” for indeterminate.

Director Grant Lahood follows Mani Bruce Mitchell, NZ’s first “out” intersex person, as he/she travels to meet other intersex people living in America, Ireland, Germany, South Africa and Australia.

Several members of OII are interviewed in the movie, including OII president Hida Vilora, and members Gina Wilson, Jim Costich, and many more.

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Read more about Intersexion at the Documentary Edge Festival site.