News reports: “Man discovers he’s actually a woman”

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We’re concerned about the credibility of this report, and the original one, just as we’re incredulous when we hear a report of a sex change via bee sting, reported as fact.

Man and father, woman or intersex?

While we wish good luck to this family, what is most disturbing about this meme is that it plays into the erroneous notion that intersex is rare, exotic and strange. It isn’t. It’s fairly common, mundane, and not particularly wonderful if you have to deal with some of the stuff commonly associated with it, like infertility and medical mismanagement.

Raven Kaldera, an intersex man who is also trans, wrote well on the intersections between intersex and trans issues, and we recommend this article, “Dangerous Intersections” to anyone interested.

While we have to approach stories in the media like these critically, we are not in a position to say what the truth is behind this report. What is surprising though, five years after such an unusual revelation, is that such a unique case hasn’t appeared in any scientific literature.

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