A grand marshal who is ‘uniquely different’: Officer Dani Lee Harris is first intersex person to lead Pride parade

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“As a grand marshal of this year’s Atlanta Pride parade, Officer Dani Lee Harris, the LGBT liaison for the Atlanta Police Department, plans to wear her uniform proudly despite the controversy surrounding the APD’s recent raid of the Atlanta Eagle, a gay bar….”

… At first reluctant to go public with being intersex, Harris said prayer and faith helped her realize that because she is unique, her life journey is important to share. She wants to make sure other intersex people know they are not alone.

“I didn’t choose to be who I am. I am who I am,” she said. “My creator has a funny sense of humor. We’re all so uniquely different and the core of me comes from my beliefs.”

After coming out publicly as intersex first in Southern Voice, Harris said the main response she continues to get when people learn she is intersex is, “What is that?”

“People learn that things are always so black and white,” she said, because gender is not always one or the other. And, she added, she’s had deep conversations with pastors, some who have struggled with the idea of homosexuality itself, who when they learn she is intersex — a biological condition — they consider that perhaps sexual orientation is also biological….

Officer Dani Lee Harris is first intersex person to lead Pride parade.