Deutscher Ethikrat: Online-Diskurs Intersexualität, Leben zwischen den Geschlechtern / German Ethics Council: Social Discourse on intersex, life between the sexes

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AUDIO recordings of the German Ethics Council’s hearing on the matter of intersex people in Germany are now available online. Ins A Kromminga of OII’s German affiliate IVIM was amongst the speakers recorded during these sessions.

Google translation:

The Forum 2 in the afternoon of the public consultation on the situation of people with intersexuality, the quality of life issues, social situation and perspectives of people have been treated with intersexuality. It said the expert, Dr. iur. Angela Kolbe, PD Dr. phil. Michael Groneberg and PhD Katinka Swiss and the persons concerned and intersex organizations dedicated people Ins A Kromminga and Daniela Truffer.

You will find the Statement of Ins A Kromminga of the International Association of intersex people, who entered into their speakers review primarily on the exclusion and discrimination against intersex issues, and addressing of politics and society.

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