Intersex people in Kenya have an ally in lawyer John Chigiti

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OII-Kenya affiliate lawyer John Chigiti has recently reported he is now representing eight intersex people. Mr Chigiti represented Richard Muasya, the Kenyan intersex person who sought remedy and compensation for his long-term mistreatment.

Richard Muasya’s case was essentially rejected on two grounds, that there are almost no intersex people in Kenya and that starting to grant intersex people rights by the mechanism of recognizing a third sex would open the floodgates to homosexuality, which is illegal in Kenya. Kenyan lawyer defends rights of intersexuals [sic]:

Editorial comment:

OII does not support the concept of a third sex, however we strongly support John Chigiti’s efforts on behalf of intersex Kenyans in seeking equality, human rights and protection against discrimination.

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