Non-consensual surgery on intersex infants in in Russia

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HERE’S a report on surgery on intersex newborns and infants in the Russian city of Rostov.

A 2-year-old boy underwent a sex change operation in the southern Russian city of Rostov after doctors discovered that he had been born with a set of female chromosomes and reproductive organs, Life News reported on Tuesday.

Oksana S, 29, from the Rostov Region, gave birth to the baby boy without any complications. However, several days later doctors confirmed the diagnosis of female pseudohermaphroditism. …

The parents have decided to keep Ksenia’s sex change a secret.

“I’m worried that she’ll eventually find out about the operation and that she’ll be unhappy with the choice we made for her,” Oksana admitted.

Little Ksenia does not understand why she has to wear uncomfortable dresses. Sitting on the floor among scattered dolls, her hand still reaches for toy cars.

Doctors get the sex wrong in at least 30% of cases where they perform cosmetic genital surgeries on intersex babies. They get their sex guess right in about 30% of cases while other people seem to be able to adapt to being made to live in one sex or the other.

Studies show that the loss of sensitivity associated with infant genital surgeries is very significant. We believe that surgeries should only take place when free, fully-informed prior consent is possible.