UN High Commissioner for Human Rights report to UN General Assembly on discriminatory laws, practices, acts of violence against LGBT people mentions intersex six times

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WE would like to acknowledge the mention of intersex people in this report on discriminatory laws and practices and acts of violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay’s report on LGBT people that contains six mentions of the word intersex, as illustrated here, is a welcome start to intersex inclusion.

We wish to respectfully point out to High Commissioner Pillay and the United Nations and its agencies the fact that:

  • Intersex people are discriminated against due to homophobia just as the rest of LGBTI is discriminated against due to homophobia.
  • Only the acronym LGBTI and its variants include intersex people.
  • The discrimination grounds formula “sexual orientation and gender identity” does not include intersex as it is neither.
  • The discrimination grounds formula “sex, sexual orientation and gender identity” includes intersex as it is a range of natural biological variations in sex.
  • Intersex rights are human rights.
  • LGBTI rights are human rights.