Reply to Enquiry about Intersex Inclusion in European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT Rights

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Thank you for contacting the Intergroup on LGBT Rights. I am responding on behalf of our two Co-presidents, Ulrike Lunacek and Michael Cashman MEPs, who read your e-mail.

In its work, the Intergroup does not specifically exclude intersex equality. We work on discrimination which can be addressed either under primary EU law, i.e. the Treaty of Lisbon and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, or secondary EU law, i.e. European directives, or jurisprudence from the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. This jurisprudence explicitly covers people who choose to undergo, or have undergone, sexual reassignment surgery, which we are aware only covers a small part of the trans and intersex communities.

Furthermore, as of yet we have had hardly any cases brought to our attention that were specifically related to intersex discrimination, which is why there hasn’t been, as of yet, concrete actions taken.

Best regards and thanks again for your e-mail,
Bruno Selun

Bruno Selun
The European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT Rights

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