Existence of intersex now recognized by US Department of State

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THE U.S. Department of State has now recognized the existence of intersex people and the fact that the passports of US intersex citizens need to reflect that reality.

The text of the US Department of State’s manual concerning this policy update – 7 FAM 1350 APPENDIX M INTERSEX CONDITIONS (DISORDERS OF SEX DEVELOPMENT) is a start.

Here is the full text of CT:CON-351 of the 21st January 2011:


(CT:CON-351; 01-20-2011)

a. “Intersex” is a condition in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy and/or chromosomal pattern that does not fit typical definitions of male or female.

b. Birth documentation is often not updated to reflect corrected gender. The applicant must provide a statement from a licensed physician who has treated the applicant for his/her gender-related care or reviewed and evaluated the gender-related medical history of the applicant. The statement must include all the information required in 7 FAM 1320 Appendix M paragraph b(1), adjusting the language to reflect the intersex condition and specify the gender correction to either male or female.

c. Unless the applicant provides the statement described above, the gender listed on his/her birth documentation will determine the gender to be listed in the passport.

OII does not favour the term intersex ‘condition’, preferring less stigmatising terms like ‘variation’ or ‘trait’.

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